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Approach and Methodology

We are the top food related executive search firm specialist recruiting executive and senior-level positions. Our innovative search approach, methodology and execution are unmatched in our areas of specialization:

Our Approach

  • Initial consultation with client
  • Define and prioritize required experience, skills and accomplishments
  • Understand history, cultural fit and organizational structure
  • Position specification drafted and approved
  • Initial research and development of targeted candidate list
  • Initial calls out to prospective candidates


  • Ongoing candidate research
  • Prospective candidate identification
  • Targeted candidates screened and evaluated

Search Execution

  • Presentation of slate of candidates to client
  • Ongoing prospective candidate identification
  • Ongoing screening and evaluation of candidates
  • Candidates presented to client

Search Completion

  • Recruitment of final candidate
  • Conduct necessary verification and reference checks of the final candidate
  • Client offer
  • Search closure with successful & unsuccessful candidates

Our Expertise

Search Practices