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Executive Search and Private Equity (as your Business Partner)

Posted on April 3rd, 2021

Private equity is obviously a great place for companies to turn to, who are wanting to sell their business.  But private equity can also be an ideal interim step for owners not ready to sell the business yet but they want to build more value for a larger sale down the road.  We connect companies to both talent and financiers like Private Equity Firms.

In a post–COVID-19 business world deal making is changing. Companies’ definition of M&A include partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, and other alternative investments that create intrinsic and long-lasting value.

In addition to being able to find the best talent in the Food and CPG industries, CEO Search Partners also has access to financiers with deep industry knowledge and experience.  Besides money, the high-quality private equity firms also bring deep business experience to your company.

CEO Search Partners works with the best uniquely positioned private equity companies who are specialist in the industry’s we practice.  The private equity firms we work with bring unparalleled deep industry experience and in your functional-specific expertise, networks, and skills to entrepreneurial, founder run, and family-owned organizations.  Among other support work, they can walk a young company’s executive staff through best practices in strategic planning and financial management or build out an exit plan for your business.

Private equity can also provide a cash infusion for automation, expansion or industry specific senior leadership.  They act as a true business partner to help you reach new heights.

We connect companies to both talent and financiers like Private Equity Firms. Please contact us if you would like to have a conversation with an industry specific private equity company at (773) 528-5967 or