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Expo East in Philadelphia 2023

Posted on September 25th, 2023

We’re excited to share our fantastic experience at the Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia! As an executive recruiting firm specializing in the consumer packaged goods and food industry, it was a remarkable event that brought us closer to the heartbeat of innovation in this dynamic sector.

Our time at the Expo was filled with enriching conversations, discovering cutting-edge products, and, most importantly, meeting some of the most innovative and passionate players in the natural products space. Here are a few highlights from our memorable visit:

Meaningful Connections: We had the privilege of connecting with incredible individuals and companies who are driving positive change in the CPG and food industry. From awesome Polish sausage to organic food innovations, the Expo showcased a diverse range of pioneering ideas.

Innovative Products: We were truly impressed by the range of innovative products on display. It’s inspiring to witness how the industry continues to evolve, focusing on healthier, sustainable, and environmentally conscious offerings.

Learning & Growth: Attending enlightening sessions and workshops helped us gain a deeper understanding of emerging trends, market dynamics, and the evolving consumer preferences within the CPG landscape.

Passion & Dedication: The passion and dedication exhibited by the professionals we met were infectious. It reaffirmed our commitment to helping organizations find top talent that shares these values and can contribute to their growth and success.

As we return from this incredible event, we look forward to furthering our mission of connecting exceptional talent with forward-thinking companies in the consumer packaged goods and food industry.

A heartfelt thank you to all the exhibitors, organizers, and fellow attendees who made this experience unforgettable. Let’s continue to drive positive change and innovation in the industry together!

Stay connected with us for more insights, industry updates, and exciting opportunities. We can’t wait to share more about our journey in the world of executive recruitment in the CPG and food sector.

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